Surolan Otic Suspension is a veterinarian-prescribed medication specially formulated to tackle the discomfort and infection of otitis externa in both dogs and cats. This ear condition, commonly triggered by bacteria and yeast, can cause significant distress to your furry friends.

Formulated with a trinity of active ingredients, Surolan offers a multi-faceted approach to treatment. It contains polymixin B sulfate, an antibiotic that eradicates harmful bacteria; prednisolone acetate, a corticosteroid known for reducing inflammation and swelling; and miconazole nitrate, an antifungal compound effective against yeast infections.

Easy to use, Surolan allows pet owners to administer the medication directly into the ear canal, focusing the treatment where it’s needed most.

While Surolan is highly effective for treating ear infections in pets, it’s always essential to consult a veterinarian to accurately diagnose the root cause of the condition and prevent future occurrences.

In essence, Surolan Otic Suspension stands out as a reliable and proficient option in the arsenal against pet ear infections, balancing the trifecta of potency, safety, and user-friendliness for pet owners searching for a medically sound solution for their pets’ otic issues.



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