Contains per ml:
Procaine penicillin G 100,000 IU
Benzathine penicillin G 100,000 IU
Dihydrostreptomycin (as sulphate) 200 mg


Procaine penicillin Gā€™s fast action is enhanced with the long-acting properties of benzathine penicillin G, which is active for 5 days. The spectrum of activity is widened by the dihydro-streptomycin sulphate.


Procilline LA Inj. is indicated for treatment of infections caused by bacteria sensitive to the antibiotics combination present in Procilline LA Inj. in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs and cats.


Do not administer to animals hypersensitive to penicillin or procaine, animals under narcosis. Do not administer to animals with an impaired kidney function.



Dosage and administration

For intramuscular injection.
General dose : 1 ml per 10 kg bodyweight.
Cattle : 15 ā€“ 20 ml per animal.
Calves : 10 ā€“ 15 ml per animal.
Pigs : 5 ā€“ 10 ml per animal.
Piglets : 1 ā€“ 3 ml per animal.
Sheep, goats : 2 ml per 25 kg bodyweight.
Dogs, cats : 2 ml per 25 kg bodyweight.
Repeat normally after 72 hours. Your veterinarian can recommend a shorter interval of 48 hours in certain cases.

Withdrawal period

Eddible tissues : 30 days
Milk : 5 days


Store in a dry, dark place between 8 Ā°C and 15 Ā°C.
Keep medicine away from children.


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