Lincomycin Spectinomycin

Composition: Each ml solution contains: 50 mg lincomycin (as HCl) 100 mg spectinomycin (as diHCl)

Action: Lincomycin is a small spectrum bacteriostatic antibiotic, active against Grampositive bacteria. Spectinomycin shows bactericidal activity against Gram-negative germs, Mycoplasma and certain Gram-positive bacteria. The combination of these two antibiotics results in a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, with high concentrations in tissue, blood and urine after parenteral administration. Indications: Pigs : Dysentery, Mycoplasma infections (infectious arthritis, pneumonia), E.coli enteritis, Erysipelas. Calves : Enteritis and pneumonia. Sheep, goats : Dermatitis contagiosa interdigitalis ovis (footrot). Poultry : CRD, E. coli tracheitis, enteritis (Salmonella, Treponema, E. coli), arthritis, septicemia, sepsis, omphalitis.

Administration/dosage: By intramuscular or subcutaneous (poultry) injection: Pigs : 1 ml per 10 kg b.w. When necessary, the dosage may be repeated every 24 hours for 3-7 days. Calves : 1 ml per 10 kg b.w., twice on the first day, to be followed by one dosage daily for 2-4 days Sheep, goats : 1 ml per 10 kg b.w. daily for 3 days Cats and dogs : 1 ml per 5 kg b.w. The dosage may be repeated every 12 or 24 hours for maximal 21 days. Poultry : 0.5 ml per 2.5 kg b.w. s.c. daily for 3 consecutive days.

Contra-Indications: Animals hypersensitive to antibiotics. Do not administer to rabbits. Do not administer to laying poultry.

Advised withdrawal times: Meat : 21 days.

Conservation: Cool (8 – 15°C), protected from light. 


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