Imaverol: Effective Fungal Treatment for Your Equine and Canine Companions

Elanco presents a veterinary-exclusive solution to combat fungal infections in horses and dogs with Imaverol, a concentrated solution specially formulated with the active ingredient enilconazole, renowned for its broad-spectrum antimycotic properties.

One millilitre of this potent solution boasts 100 mg of enilconazole, a synthetic antimycotic agent that delivers powerful antifungal action. It’s expertly designed to target dermatophytes, including Trichophyton verrucosum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Trichophyton equinum, and Microsporum canis, ensuring comprehensive treatment for your animals’ affected skin.

Imaverol is gentle and safe for veterinary use; the diluted emulsion is non-irritating to the skin and eyes, with no side effects, even if your horse or dog is incidentally ingested during treatment. Rest assured, Imaverol does not penetrate the skin or display corrosive properties.

While treating with Imaverol, follow the user-friendly administration guide. Prepare a 0.2% emulsion by diluting Imaverol in 50 parts of lukewarm water, applying with care to cleanse away crusts and thoroughly wet the skin. Consider clipping the fur before beginning treatment for thorough coverage and penetration, especially in long-haired breeds.

Imaverol concentrated solution comes in a 100 mL bottle, easily stored at room temperature away from light. Any diluted solution should be responsibly disposed of. Once opened, you can confidently use the contents within three months, ensuring efficacy for your animal’s treatment period.

Produced by Elanco Canada Limited and safeguarded by trademark, Imaverol signifies our dedication to your animal’s health. Trust in our expertise to bring your horse or dog relief from fungal discomfort with Imaverol—the prudent choice for maintaining the well-being of your four-legged friends.

Please note that Imaverol is not to be used in horses intended for food, and it should always be kept out of reach of children. Prioritize a healthy future for your animals with Elanco’s proven therapies. For further assurance, Elanco and its distinguished diagonal bar logo are symbols of quality and innovation in veterinary care from a leading provider you can depend on.


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