FYPRYST 134 mg spot-on solution for dogs 10-20 kg ย 1 box / 3 pipetes / 3 doses.

One Pipette Fypryst 134 mg (1.34 ml) contains: Fipronil 134 mg (The same active substance of Frontline)

It is used for combating and preventing infestations with fleas ( Ctenocephalides felis )
โ€“ Combating and preventing infestations with ticks ( Rhipicephalus spp , Dermacentor spp , Ixodes spp.)
โ€“ Combating and preventing infestations Pause ( Mallophaga ) in dogs .
โ€“ Help in the treatment and control of allergic dermatitis caused by dog bite of fleas.

Contraindications:ย ย Puppies younger than 8 weeks and weighing less than 2 kg (due to insufficient data on the use of the composition in young dogs )
โ€“ Sick animals ( systemic infection, fever ) and those in the stage of recovery.

The composition is applied directly to the skin to the interscapular region.
The pipette should be removed from bags. You must keep the pipette upright, rolled up, and flips the pipette tip ( cap ) . Then they should turn the cap upside down and lean its other end to the top of the pipette. Press and turn the cap to be unsealed opening of the pipette and then you can remove the cap. Fingers of one hand should be narrowly spaced between the blades of the animal, so to see the goats. Then another hand should lean pipette tip directly on the skin and squeeze the pipette several times until it is empty all content.


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