ENROXIL 15 mg Enrofloxacin 


Each tablet contains 15 mg Enrofloxacin. Light biconvex tablets, from yellowish to brownish, with possible visible white or dark spots, with bevelled edges.


The product is administered to dogs and cats for the treatment of bacterial infections of the digestive tract, respiratory and urogenital tract, skin infections, secondary wound infections and external otitis, where clinical experience indicates enrofloxacin as a selective drug.


Articular cartilage may be affected during the rapid growth period, so do not administer the product to dogs less than 1 year of age or exceptionally to dogs of large breeds with a period of growth up to 18 months. It is not recommended for use in cats less than 8 weeks of age. Do not administer to dogs / cats with allergies to the active substance or any of the excipients. Do not administer to dogs with aplopexia because enrofloxacin may cause central nervous system stimulation.


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