CORTAVANCE® Topical Spray Solution is indicated for the relief of itchy and inflamed skin conditions in dogs.

CORTAVANCE Topical Spray Solution contains hydrocortisone aceponate, a type of steroid that works by direct application to the skin.  This new-generation molecule only becomes active in the skin, where it reduces inflammation – leading to skin that is less itchy, red and sore.

Cortavance Spray is used to treat dogs suffering from inflamed and itchy skin. It is effective for conditions where there is an allergic or sensitivity reaction as the underlying cause. It is not advised to cover the entire dog on one occasion, but it is acceptable to treat both flanks, or an equivalent area. Cortavance contains the steroid hydrocortisone, and is formulated to have a pronounced effect on the skin with minimal systemic effects in the body. If steroids are needed to control the symptoms, Cortavance does so with fewer potential side effects than using tablets.

Dosage and Administration

Before administration, remove the cap and screw the pump spray on the bottle. The product is applied by activating the pump. Spray from a distance of about 10 cm above the area of skin to be treated. The recommended dose is 1.52 µg of hydrocortisone aceponate per cm2 of skin surface. This dose can be achieved with 2 pump spray activations over a 10 cm x 10 cm square surface area of skin. Leave treated area to dry. Presented as a volatile spray, this product does not require any massage. Care should be taken to avoid spraying in the eyes of the dog. Repeat treatment once daily for 7 consecutive days. If no improvement is seen within 7 days, treatment should be re-evaluated by the veterinarian.


Do not use on cutaneous ulcers.

76 ml spray


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