Apoquel 5.4 and 16 mg Oclacitinib / 20 tablets /


Apoquel® Film-Coated Tablets 16mg: Canine Itch Relief

Apoquel® provide a specialized formula designed to quickly alleviate itching caused by allergic and atopic dermatitis in dogs. Begin to see relief for your furry friend in as few as 4 hours, with complete itch management achieved within a full day, enhancing your pet’s daily comfort.

Targeted Action

Unlike traditional treatments that may include steroids, cyclosporines, or antihistamines, Apoquel® uniquely addresses the itch at its core. Oclacitinib, the active ingredient in these tablets, directly targets and modulates the specific cellular proteins responsible for the allergic response, offering relief while preserving immune health.


Zoetis is the trusted producer of Apoquel®, crafting these tablets with canine-specific health needs in mind. It is imperative to avoid administering this medication to any animal other than dogs.

Available Sizes

  • Individual Film-Coated Tablets
  • Bottle of 100 Film-Coated Tablets

Key Ingredient

  • Active Ingredient: Oclacitinib Maleate

Follow your veterinarian’s instructions closely when using Apoquel® to ensure safe and effective relief from itching for your dog.


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